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Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine Ordered

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A few weeks back talked about the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.   This device let your clean and curing you resin 3D prints.   I own an Elegoo Mars.  Before it was out you could have pre-ordered and saved a bunch of money if you bought it from their website.  The thing was, it was in US money.  I decided to see it would come to  It did, and at first they had a $80 digital coupon.  Dragged my feet on that and missed out.  So on it cost $360.00 now.  That is a bit too much for me.  So looked back on the Anycubic website and they are asking $189.00 US.  Did some math and it is cheaper to buy it in US money and do the money exchange.  I even found a discount code, so I saved an extra $10.00.  It ended up costing me $260.00 in Canadian with free shipping.   A much better deal.  Not sure when it will get here. Guessing about a week.  Will be back with an update.

ELEGOO Resin Settings on Mars & Mars Pro Guild

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Yet again making another post about the Elegoo Mars.   I have not used it in months now because it is winter.  The resin needs to be at about 20°C to work right.  The temperature is up and down all too much.  So when the nice again going to start printing a lot.  If you have one or thinking about getting one.  It can be confusing to figure out what setting to use when setting up a model to print.  Have some good news to share about that.  Elegoo has put out a nice document.  Listing all their resins and what setting to use for the Mars and Mars Pro in a Google Docs sheet.  Which you can see > here.  Saved a copy just in case I ended up using a different type of their resin.

Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine

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Anycubic_Washing_&_Curing_MachineBack in January (2020) found out that Prusa has a washing and curing machine called the CW1.  It as pretty slick machine for being used with resin 3D prints.  The thing is, it costs $700.00 US.  Discovered there is another machine coming out soon called the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.  Anycubic make many different 3D printers and have one that is comparable to the one I have the Elegoo Mars.  Watched a video on how it works.  Which you can see > here.  Must say it works great and think its prefect of me.  But was guessing it would be super pricey.  Turns out it a great price, $189.00 US.  However as of typing this (February 25, 2020) its $159.00 US in a pre-order.  For that price very temped.

[Update]  You can know buy it.  It is even on Even more temped to buy one.

Elegoo Mars Spar Building Plate

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Elegoo_Mars_Spar_Building_PlateBlogging about the Elegoo Mars again because I just found out you can buy spar build plates.  They have them over at > here.  They don’t seem to be on just let.  Am sure at some point they will be.  Think this is a good idea for may reasons.  May be you scratched yours up too much.  Or may be you want to keep printing with out stopping to remove a print.  Just put the new one on.  Another reason is it comes with the better plate leveling screws.  They are bigger and stick out.  In the older models like mind the are sunken in.

Elegoo Mars More Prints

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Have printed more things off with my Elegoo Mars.  Have been trying out didn’t types of models and sizes.  After printing off Leo from the TMNT > here.  Found a He-man figure.  It was bigger than Leo so didn’t want to waste too much resin.  There is an option in ChiTuBox to hollow out the models.  Then you can put small drain holes in so the resin inside can come out.  It turned out great as you can see for yourself below.  That file can be found > here.




Elegoo Mars First Print

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Should have shared this all ready.  A few post back talked about my Elegoo Mars and the first print I will make after the test one is Leo from the TMNT.  You can see the file > here.  All so in that post show the file in ChiTuBox.  Well it turned out great.  After it was cured.  I wet sanded were the supports were attached.  The glued it together with Gorilla super glue.  Very happy how it turned out.  You can see for yourself in the picture below. Thinking I might try and paint it.  Since then have printed a few more things.  Now my goal is to make my own 3D models.  Have started to with Tinkercad.



Tinkercad Hands On

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Made a post a few days back talking about Tinkercad.  This website lets you makes 3D objects that later can be used in a 3D printer.  After watching some videos on it.  Sign up for an account.  My goal is to make my own models.  Have a few ideas.  The first one I want to try to turn the YouTube channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, logo into a 3D print.  Once  I get better at the program would like to make a 3D paint can with text imprinted on it.


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TinkercadI know I am making another post talking about, Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  Have now printed a few things and happy how they turned out.  Would like to know how to make my own 3D models.  Took at a look at and there is a great free option called, Tinkercad.  This runs in you web browser and is very powerful.  Once you create an account you can save your files.  There are lot of tutorials on how to use it.  Am work my way threw a series of how to’s.  Which you can check out for yourself > here.  The best part about this site is you can download “.STL” files when you are done.  These can be loaded into you 3D printers slicer program.  Going to give this a try.


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ChituBox_LogoNow that I have my 3D printer a, Elegoo Mars, up and going.  Need stuff to print. The website I have looked at the most so far is My Mini Factory.  The first model I decided to print it Leo from the TMNT.  You can see the file > here.   You download .STL files.  Which is the model or parts of a model.  To get them to print you need to put them in a slicing program.  The one Elegoo comes with ChiTuBox.  If is free to use so if you want to try it out.  Watched some videos on how to use it.  The best ones I came across are from 3D Print Farm.  The program is not too over whelming.  Like than thing it takes getting use to.  Going to say after putting on supports on the Turtle.  You need take your time.  It will save you in the long run having them print out great the first time.  Below is a picture of the Turtle figure all ready to be printed.


Resin Curing Station

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Now that I have my Elegoo Mars resin 3D printer.  Need a way to cure the resin.  This has to be done because it is toxic until it’s dry.  There are lots of different ones to buy or you could make your own.  Looked at a few tutorials and come up with this easy one linked > here.  It is a box lined with tinfoil.  Then you cut hole in the top or the UV light.  I just need a light.  Looked for a nail curing station with a lot of people are using locally.  But had no luck.  So ordered one online.  While I waited for that started on the box. Used the tutorial linked above with a few changes.  First I opened the box flat.  Then ran the foil a long it and taped it in place.  Next taped the box back together.  After that for the bottom took a bigger piece of cardboard and covered that in foil.  How it works is.  You put the bottom piece down.  Place you printed item in the middle.  Cover that with the box.  Then place the UV light on top with a hole cut to let light in.  As I am typing this have tried it.  Is easy and cheep to make.