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Wednesday Thing

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Wednesday_ThingHave printed off another cool file found over at  It is Thing > here from the Netflix show Wednesday.  Still haven’t  watched this show yet.  But know who Thing is from the old TV show.  Which we used to watch re-runs on Sundays as kids.  Didn’t print it full scale.  Cut it buy 50%.  Just to see how well it would turn out.   In which it did.  If I get more time will print it again at full scale.

Chibi Spider-Man

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Chibi_Spider-ManThink I have found my next 3D printing project for at again.  It this this > here a Chibi Spider-Man.  While not the biggest Spider-Man/Marvel fan this does look really cool.  All so it should be some what easy to paint.   It does seem to be designed to be printed with resin.  But I will be using my FDM printer.  The only down side is when it comes time prime it.  It’s winter here now so will have to keep my eye on the weather.