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Pentatonix – Little Drummer Boy

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PTXmas_coverThe song Little Drummer Boy can be great or it can be very bad.  Have heard some pretty crappy version of this song many times.  Over the years I have only heard three version I have liked.  Which are, Boney M, Celtic Woman and Sean Quigley.  Well now there is a fourth one to add to the list.  It is Pentatonix version.  Have never hear of this group.  So after hearing this song I check out there other work.  They do some very cool cover version and their own songs.  Check out here take on the song > here or below.

Little Drummer Boy

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SeanQuigley.jpgI used to hate the song Little Drummer Boy.  Except for one version, the Boney M version.  They have one of my all time favourite Christmas albums.  Then a few years ago I heard/seen another great version by  Celtic  Woman.  In the video which is below.  Has the coolest intros I have very seen.  Next is the version that was put out last year with a bit of a rock talk on it by Sean Quigley.  It is all the same song just with different takes on it.  They are all great.  So pick the one you like the best.

Boney M

Celtic Woman

Sean Quigley