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Burnout Crash! Demo

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BurnoutCrash Now that Burnout Crash! is out now for downloads gave the demo a try.  The game looks like a fun little title build into the Burnout world.  Going to come out and say it.  This has be the lamest demo I have every tried.  You get to play one car in one mode on one stage.  At first it is fine to unlock things most games do this.  After finishing the first stage it said I unlocked the next stage and the two other game modes.  Went to try these other modes and it said you need to buy the full game, lame.  At lest they should have let you try the other two modes on the first stage at lest.

1982 Kawasaki Z 1000 LTD Burnout

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My brother is thinking about buying a 1982 Kawasaki Z 1000 LTD.  He says it in real good shape.  Here are some pictures and a video.


Burnout: 2002 Dodge Dakota

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Here is the video of Mark doing some burnouts from the other day.  Posted the pictures a few days back.  Filmed this with my digital camera.  There is better quality video on Mark’s DVD video camera.  Once I get that footage, I’ll post that too.

Burnout July 16, 2008

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Here are some pictures of Marks truck doing a burnout.  Hope to have the video uploaded soon.



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tire_smokeThis is a pretty crazy burnout buy a big old blue van. Got to love youtube.