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Borderlands 3 Over LAN

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It has been awhile since I have played Borderlands 3.  Have had it for my PS4 for a long time.  Back in May (2022) over that the Epic Game Store it was one of the free games.  Now that I have a mini PC, Minisforum UM580, I installed it on that.  A few nights ago gave it a try.  I must say it worked great right away.  It was well optimized.  All so that night got to play it over a LAN connection.  This all so work with no problem.  Another awesome thing the game works with a PS4 controller and didn’t have to set anything up.  Can’t wait to try it again over a LAN.  Many be get to work with four players.

Easy Money In Borderlands 3

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, talking about getting easy money in Borderlands 3. During the year ends sales of 2020 picked up a copy. Have enjoyed my time playing the game. However to get the upgrades you need lots of money. There is a simple trick to get some. Watch to find out how  > here or below.

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Borderlands 3

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Am talking about Borderlands 3 again.  In my last post said the, ”game is pretty much the same.  However it seems better at the same time.”  in compared to the last games.  Well need to make a change to that.  After put in about 13 hours the games is thousand times better.  Had fun the whole time I have been playing it.  All so have not plans to stop.  Find the controls nice and smooth.  The menu system is a bit clunky but you can get used to it.  While all the missions are all pretty much the game.  Get and item and shoot the bad guys/things. The stories around them are funny.   If you can find this game cheap like I did it is well worth the money.

Borderlands 3 Hands On

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A few posts back talked about picking up a copy of Borderlands 3.  In that post said I wasn’t sure when I would get around to playing it.  Well gave it a try.  Was a friends out handout so we decided to give it a go on his PS4.  We played some split screen.  Must say it worked great and was very smooth.  The next day loaded it on to my PS4.  If if you have played the other Borderlands game it pretty much the same.  However it seems better at the same time.  Put a few hours into and seems to be having more fun than I did with the others ones I played.  Going to keep going with it.  Well until the new patch for Cyberpunk 2077 comes out

Borderlands 3

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Borderlands_3The first game pick up for the new year is Borderlands 3.  Do like this series but not a big fan to buy it day one.  Since it was going cheap picked up a copy.  From what I remember seeing back before it came out 2019 the game seems much better than the ones before it.  Like the idea of everyone having their own loot.  It is all so leveled to your character if you are playing with someone else.  Not sure when I will get around to try it but will be back with an update.

Upcoming Games 2020

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Every January I make a post talking about upcoming games I would like to get.  So far there are only a few off the top of my head.  Am sure there will be more at the year goes along.  Think there will be less PS4 games this year.   By summer all the talk will be about the new PlayStation and XBox.  Which is cool.  What else is awesome more PS4 games will be going cheap.  Last year have managed to make my black log even bigger.  Listed below are the list of new games and below are older ones I would like to add to the collection.


New Games

Cyberpunk 2077

The Last of us Part 2

Deliver Us The Moon

Older Games

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Borderlands 3

Dragon Quest Builders 2