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Ready Player Two

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It was back in March (2021) was talking about getting a copy of Ready Player Two.  Was waiting for the paperback version.  Since most times it is much cheaper.  Turns out over at the hardcover is cheaper.   Am a huge fan of the first book, Ready Player One.  So I finely ordered a copy of this book.  It should be heard some time this week.  Not sure how long it will take me to read but will be back with a review.

Ready Player Two

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It was back in November 2020 that the book Ready Player Two was released.  Am a huge fan of the first book, Ready Player One.  Think anyone who likes video games should read it.  Plan on picking up a copy of Player Two but was going to wait for the paperback version because most times it is cheaper.  Well looked on to see when or if the paperback was out.  Turns out it is but the twist is the hard cover cost less (as I am typing this March 6, 2021).  Think I will jumping on that deal.

Ready Player Two

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Ready_Player_TwoOne of my favourite books is Ready Player One.  Which they turned into a movie a few years back.  Knew at some point the author would write a sequel.  Turns he, Ernest Cline, has called Ready Player Two.  There is even better news it will be out November 24, 2020.  Know that books come out in hardcover first and they cost more.  That is why I most times I go for the paperback.  But think I might break that rule for this book.

Ready Player One Review

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Going to start by saying, Ready Player One, is one of the best books I have ever read.  Sure the ending is very predicable but the journey was awesome.  The story takes place not too far in the the future.  Were every is pretty much falling apart.  Just about everyone spends most of their time on the internet in a online world called OASIS.   This main focus of the OASIS was on MMORPG but grew to be more than that.  The man the created had died.  However he left a very elaborate puzzle in that world.  For who every figures it out will get his fortune and the run the corporation.

Enjoyed every minute with this book.  If you are into video games.  This is a must read.   The chapters were just he right length.  The plot moves a good pace.  Like I said up above the ending is predicable.  However there are many twits and turns I didn’t see coming.  The only thing to say bad about it is, I wish there was more.  Can see myself re-reading this book again.  That is saying something because I ever had re-read any book.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Ready Player One

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Ready_Player_OneAnother gift I received is the book Ready Player One.  First heard about this book years ago.  As been only must get list ever since then.  The story takes place in the future were the world in not so great shape.  To escape people spend most of their time in a virtual universe.  The man that created this world put clues into the “game”.  Who ever finds it will get control over the game as well as the mans fortune.  I am over simplify it.  Have never heard anything bad about the book.  It must be good because they are turning it in to a movie made by Steven Spielberg.