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Day Two Of Cape Breton Bikefest 2013 Pictures

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cb-bikefest.jpgDecided for day two of the 2013 Cape Breton Bikefest I would go in the evening because I knew there would be a lot more motorcycles around.  There sure was.  Didn’t get many pictures because there were so may people around they kept getting in the way.  You can see those below.  All so tried to get some more of the stunt show.  Yet again there was so many people.  Could not get close enough.  From what I could see there were a lot more motorcycles around this year.  Just not the ones in  town.  But all those I saw on the roads and park all around the city.



Day One Of Cape Breton Bikefest 2013 Pictures

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cb-bikefest.jpgToday (August 2, 2013) is day one of the 2013 Cape Breton Bikefest.  Took a ride in this afternoon to see the stunt show and see how many bikes were around.  There was a few around but there will be lots more the rest of the weekend.  I thought I was going to miss the stunt show since it started about 1pm and didn’t get there until about 1:30.  They were in full swing when I got here.  There were five guys four bikes and a guy with two ATV’s.  After I was there for a few minutes the lady on PA said the will concluded this show.  But they didn’t stop.  They kept riding for another 40 mins or so.  Ended up getting some pretty good pictures with my new camera.  There are two sets of pictures (below).  The ones with the bike point of view were taken with my GoPro.  There others were taken Canon PowerShot SX500 IS.











Cape Breton Bikefest 2013

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cb-bikefest.jpgWe are getting very close to the start of the 2013 Cape Breton Bikefest.  This year it takes place August 2nd to 5th.  Just took a look at the final schedule and it looks like there will be lots of new things going on this year.  That is a good thing because if they didn’t keep things fresh I could see this awesome event fade way.  Some of the new things are:

Pray paint artist Nathan Salmon will be there show how he does this art.  He will so be selling his art as well.

They are have a booth set up so you can have you and your ride picture taken by professional photographer, Ryan Singlar.  Think this is a cool idea.

There will be a bikini bike wash.  I am pretty sure there will be a line up for that and more people taking pictures Winking smile

Like other years there will be a show and shine.  This time will be at Rollies Wharf restaurant in North Sydney.

A new event that looks like it will be fun is the Bike Games.  They are saying it will be various motorcycle games.  Not sure what they are but will need to check that out.

Looking forward to this years bikefest.  Last year missed out a day because I ended up with a migraine.  Will be back with some pictures.  My goal is to take a lot.  Since I have a new camera.

Cape Breton Bikefest 2013

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cb-bikefest.jpgIn a bit less than a month way from the 2013 Cape Breton Bikefest.  It will be going on August 2rd to 5th.  Look forward to going ever year.  Every year this is a big prize to win.  The last few years it has been a custom motorcycle.  Not sure if they are doing that again this year.  They do have tickets to win a customized motorcycle trailer.  So thinking that might be the big prize for this year.  You can see pictures of that below.  Tickets for that are $20.   It is a nice looking trailer.  Guessing this years bikefest will be more to the same.  Would be nice if there was something special to draw more people in.  Still going to be nice to see all the motorcycles around.  Have a new camera this year so plan to take all kinds of pictures.