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Big Brother 15

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big-brother-logo.jpgOn September 18, 2013 season 15 of Big Brother will end.  As I am typing this (September 12) there are four people left in the house.  Who are Andy, GinaMarie, McCrae and Spencer.  Not sure who will make it to the every end.  At this moment I think GinaMarie will be the winner.  Wasn’t a fan of her at the start of the show.  But as time passes she is the one the kept herself in check (for the most part) at this was a game.  She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Which I think worked to her advantage.  Over all this has been a pretty good season of Big Brother.  While there was some controversy at the beginning of the show.  Don’t think we will see all the fall out from this well until the winner is picked.

Big Brother 15

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big-brother-logo.jpgJust a reminder that season 15 of Big Brother will be starting this Wednesday, June 26, 2013.  I want to watch this year but not to excited at the same time.  Other years I would look forward to having something new to watch in the summer.  There are doing something new this year besides being the long season and the most houseguests.  They are having a Most Valuable Player.  This is were fans pick a MVP that will have special powers in the game.  They have had something like that is the past.  I think this season will have more input from the viewers.  That might prove interesting.  I am going to going to check it out Wednesday just to see how it turns out.

Big Brother 15

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big-brother-logo.jpgThe next season of Big Brother number 15 is starting soon.  In fact soon than past seasons.  It will start airing June 26, 2013.  Other season started in July.  From the wiki page not only in this season starting earlier it will end later as well.  They say the season will last 100 days.  That should make it more interesting.  It all so says that there will be the most houseguests ever.  That is why the season has been extended season is my guess.  The houseguests  have not be revealed yet.  That date is set for June 10th.  My hope for the season is that they don’t bring back anyone from past seasons.  It would nice to see a fresh start.