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The Division 2 Year One Content

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Have played some of the private and open beta’s for The Division 2.  Am a fan of the first game.  So will be getting a copy of this one.  Like pretty much all big AAA game now a days there announce DLC and or add on content before the game is out.  This one is doing it a bit differently.  They are having a year one pass.  Which lets you try out the content seven days before everyone else.  After that all the content will be free to all players.  Think this is a great move.  Since game can be played solo but it is designed to played with others.  Having all the new content for everyone.  No one will be left out.  It will not divided the player base.  You can read the article > here.  Which explains it better and shows what the year long content will be.  The game will be out March 15, 2019.

The Division 2 Open Beta

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Talking about the open beta for the The Division 2 again because it is here.  I tired it out in the private beta at the beginning of February (2019).  With the open one it will have all the stuff from the private but will a lot more added.  You can read what they are > here.  All so you if you play you can unlock some skins for when the full game it out.  Which happens to be March 15, 2019.  Will be trying out this game again.  Like in the private beta will not play it all because I will be buying the full game.  So I will see all of what the beta has at some point.  You can start pre-loading the beta February 28, 2019.

The Division 2 Open Beta

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The private beta for The Division 2 took place February 7 to 11, 2019.  I received a code and gave it a try.  Liked what I played.  It was much like the first game but way better at the same time.  Didn’t do everything in the beta because I will be buying the game.  That being said, if you didn’t get into the beta, you are in luck.  I knew at some point there would be an open beta.  Ubisoft says the open beta will take place from March 1st to 4th, 2019.  You can read the official post > here.  If you are interested in the game.  It is well worth the time trying the beta.  The full game will be out March 15, 2019.

The Division 2 Private Beta

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From February 7th to 10th Ubisoft is running a private beta for The Division 2.  They announced back in June (2018) at E3 you could sign up for a change to get into the beta.   Signed up back then.  Wasn’t too sure if I was going to get a code.  Check my email Wednesday and seen an email from Ubisoft with a code.  They let you preload the it.  Which is a good thing.  The download load was 45GB.  Let that download over night.  Not sure wants in the beta. Haven’t watched any videos on it.

Here is a bonus video of early game play. You can see that > here or below  It plays like first game but better at the same time.  Don’t for get to like, subscribe and comment.   Finds us on Facebook > here and on Twitter > here.

The Division 2 Trailer

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The_Division_2Am very much looking forward to the The Division 2.  The first is an awesome game.  There is a some new info to share since the game will be out in about two months. They put out some videos.  Which you can see the trailer > here or below.   Didn’t really like the dark zone stuff in the first game.  Only gave it a try a few times.  Wasn’t very fun.  Because you petty much don’t have any change if you play solo.  It looks like they are fixing that in this new one.  They explain the changes in this video > here or below.  Will be adding this one to my list.  Set to be out March 15, 2019.



The Division 2 Beta

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The_Division_2E3 was in full swing.  There is a lot of awesome news about all kinds of games I want to get.  During the Xbox press conference they had a video/”game play” for The Division 2.   Really enjoyed the first one when it came out back in 2016.  I played it like a single player game.  While it is meant to be co-op and PvP.  Never really bother with that.  With this new one, I hope it can be done that same way.  Well after that video was over they said there will be a closed beta and you can sign up that night.  Which I did.  You can as well > here.  Hope I get picked.  The full game is set to be out March 15, 2019.  You can see the video from the press conference > here or below.  Am sure this will be many post of me talking about the games shown off at this years E3.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Code

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Tom_Clancys_Ghost_Recon_Wildlands.jpgWas very happy to see that I received a beta code for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.   Being able to download the game before the beta weekend stars is nice.  Am sure the file size is pretty big.  The beta runs from February 3rd to 6th, 2017.  Not sure how much I will get to play.  But will be back with an update on what I think.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

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Tom_Clancys_Ghost_Recon_WildlandsHave been keeping an eye on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands ever since they showed it off at E3.  I signed up for the beta.  Which you can do > here if you wish.  There is a beta for all three platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC.  Not sure if I will get in code or not.  Because this is signing up to have you name put on a list in hopes you get picked.  That being said, did get picked of The Division beta last year.  I am not a betting man but just know after the closed beta is over there will be an open one.  That seems to be the trend now a days.  Will be back with an update if I get in.   The game is out March 7, 2017.

American Beta

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AmericanBeta Going though some bad motorcycle withdrawal.  Hoping to find out more details tomorrow (July 11, 2012) how much it will cost and long it will take to fix.  Back on track.  Was reading about the motorcycle company American Beta.  They have been making trails bike for years have have gotten in to making enduro and dual purposes motorcycles.  I am sure they are available in Canada some were.  Did a quick search and only found in BC but they don’t have any dual purpose ones.  There RS dual purpose bikes do look pretty sweet.

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta

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Like most PSN user I have PSN+ free for one month.  Which lets me give the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer beta a try.  Only tried one match so far which was a team deathmatch.  So can’t really comment on too much.  The level I played was very nice looking.  With lots of different place to go, hide, climb and run around in.  Like every other multiplayer game you need to get used to level and were every thing is at.  Did manger to get 5 kills but ended up dying 13 times.  Not surprise there.  The beta has only been out for a few days and there are people with very high levels all ready.