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James May: The Reassembler Series Two

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James_May_The_Reassembler_Series_TwoCame across a nice surprise the other day.   Found out that James May was back with series two of  James May: The Reassembler.  If you never hear this this show.  it has James putting back together one piece at a time different objects.  I know it sounds kind of boring.  They even joke about it in the episodes.  The thing is James is pretty funny guy and makes it interesting to watch.  The first series had three episodes.  This second one has four.  Three of them have aired all ready.  He puts back together a train set, a food mixer and a mini motorcycle.  The last one will have him reassembling a portable record player.  You can find the episodes on YouTube > here.  Just don’t know how long they will be up since most times this stuff gets taken down.

James May: The Reassembler

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James_May_The_ReassemblerIf you have read this blog over the years you would know I am a big fan of the TV show Top Gear.  Which will go down as the best Top Gear.  All a fan of the other show James May hosts.  With there have been many over the years.  He is all ways funny and entertaining.  He now has a three episode series called James May: The Reassembler.  The show have James putting back together once piece at a time three different things.  First episode has him putting a lawnmower.  The next two are a telephone and an electric guitar.  This will most likely be the last show he does for the BBC.  Since he and the other best Top Gear hosts are making there own new show for Amazon.  Which is said to air this fall.

Have watched the first episode for this show.  It wasn’t as boring as you might think.  Watched it on YouTube.  There other two are on there as well.  Not sure how long will be will be up here.  Since they get taken down pretty quick.  So if there are still and you are interested.  The episodes are here > One Two and Three.

James May’s Cars Of The People Series Two

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James_Mays_Cars_Of_The_People_Series_2Back in the summer of 2014 there was a three episodes series called James May’s Cars of the People.  Well now there is a new series two.  Which started January 24, 2016.  So if you are a Top Gear fan this might help fill the void until James and gang come out with their new show.  Did see the first series.  Which was great.  So I know this one will be just as awesome because James May entraining and funny.  Just wish there was a trailer to share.

James May’s Cars Of The People

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JamesMaysCarsOfThePeopleWhile we are still waiting to hear or see anything on series twenty two of Top Gear.  There is some great news.  This coming Sunday (August 10, 2014).  The first of a three part series by James May will start.  It is called James May’s Cars of the People.  Can’t wait to check see this series.  James May is all ways funny and the BBC is awesome at putting this types shows together.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.

Not The Nine O’Clock News – I Like Trucking

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NotTheNineO'ClockNews-ILikeTruckingThink the internet is a funny crazy place.  At one moment you are looking at some interesting which leads to looking some totally different that is comedy gold.  This is how I ended up seeing I Like Trucking from the old BBC TV show Not the Nine O’clock News.  Have heard of this show because Rowan Atkinson was in it.  Ok, back on track.  I was watching one episode of shows, Random Encounter.   In this show they play a random game.  Most times they are pretty bad games.  The show is funny as the guys react to how bad the games are.  The episode I was watching they were playing Transport Simulator.  During one point one of the guys asked what is your favourite trucking song.  They the other guy starts singing I Like Trucking.   How know idea what that was.  Until I scrolled down into the comments.  Where someone posted the video > here or below.  It is very old but still funny stuff.

James May’s 20th Century

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JamesMay20thCenturyA little while back I was watching some of the old Jeremy Clarkson’s DVD’s I have found on YouTube.  While there on the side bar there were ones with James May.  There is one show called James May’s 20th Century.  Watched one episode.  Really liked it.  James May is great at this documentary type shows.  He is very interested in what ever topic he is talking about.  All so very funny.  This show first aired back in 2007.  With only six episodes I am going to have to check them all out. Think all six are on YouTube.

James May’s Toy Stories

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JamesMayToyStoriesA few posts ago I was talking about the new series Top Gear.  When I was looking up the video for that post.   Seen a link to another video with James May.  Turns out it was a new episode of his show James May’s Toy Stories.  Have only seen one other episode a few years back.  Thought they stopped making this show.  When I looked it up there only eight episodes (so far).  The first six aired back in 2009.  The next one didn’t air till June 2011.  Now this newest one “Flight Club” aired December 23, 2012.  You can check it out > here or below.  Just don’t know how long this will be on YouTube.  Since some time this things don’t last too long.   It is a very good show. Very entraining.

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

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Got to see the first episode of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.  Have seen shows like this before.  Were some one goes into a situation and has so many days to learn a new task.  This show has Richard learning to drive big heavy machines.  The first episode has him learning to drive a tank.  Seen this type of thing before as well.  While Richard does make it some what fun to watch.  The show was very boring.  Not sure if I want to check out the other episodes.   While a big fan of Richard the show is run of the mill.  Might sound a bit harsh since I have only seen one.   May be I should at lest watch one more before passing judgement.

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

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CrashCourse Was watching AOTS last night and they were interviewing Richard Hammond.  We was on there promoting his new BBC America show called Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.  The idea behind the show is Richard has three days to learn how to really big machines.  Then do some kind of challenge.  I am sure this will be a great so since Richard is very funny.  The show it start airing April 16, 2012 on BBC America.  Not sure it will air on BBC Canada.  Looked on the website it doesn’t have any thing.  Hope they do would really like to see this.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Stig

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TheStig Was checking my email yesterday and there was a link on the main page called The Stig’s ID is ‘Top Gear’ secret no more.  There is a book publisher (HarperCollins) putting out book about The Stig and it is going to say who The Stig is.  The BBC was trying to stop it.  They say book is written by Ben Collins who is The Stig.  Was looking on Wikipedia and it says that the BBC “still refused to confirm whether Collins “either was or remains” the Stig.”

So I am not sure how this will effect Top Gear.  I wonder how he show will change.