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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

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bad company 2 I got into the PS3 beta for Battlefield Bad Company is giving 65,000 keys out.  Download it and installed.  When I went and tried to play it asked for a password.  Had know idea what it would be or how to get it.   I looked back on GameSpot’s website it said it was open to U.S. residents only.  I was like, “shit”.  Then I got thinking may be my Battlefield Heroes password would work, it did.

So far I have tried 1 and a half rounds.  From what I have tried the map is huge, there is a lot going on and it looks great.   Like most online fps games I play I die a lot and have know idea were I got shot from.  I did manage to get a total of 8 kills. LOL.  All so like most online game you can hear the people with head sets yelling and bitching.  That can be funny but most of the just plain annoying.

Battlefield Heroes Beta Hands On

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article-img-thumb.jpgA few days ago I got into the Battlefield Heroes beta.  Well I played a few rounds.  For a free game it has a lot to offer.  I love the look of the game.  The cartoon look might throw a few people off.  But it shouldn’t matter it plays pretty much like any other 3rd person shooter.  Like most online games you all ways run in to people that are really good at them and just roll you.  This can be frustrating.  I try not to get hung up on that because you can still get points even if you only manage to hit a few people with out getting the kill.  For a beta I have not run into many glitches.  I think I am going to keep playing this game and see how it turns out.

Battlefield Heroes Beta

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article-img-thumb.jpgJust got into the Battlefield Heroes beta. is giving away 100,000 beta keys to it member.  If you are looking to get in got here before they are gone.  Have been looking forward to playing this game for well over a year.  Once I get a change to play, I’ll post an update.  w00t.

Battlefield Heroes Update

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Battlefield Heroes has been pushed back to the fall some time.  It was going to be out the summer.  But oh well.  It’s still looking awesome.  Here are some screenshots and a newish trailer.