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Absolute Batman Incorporated

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , on June 28, 2014 by getbent57

AbsoluteBatmanIncorporatedThink I found myself a Christmas give to myself this year.  It is Absolute Batman Incorporated.  It is a bit pricy but think it is well worth the money.  After looking in to these DC Absolute books it makes senses why they cost so much.  First of it coves they whole story line.  This one is 608 pages long.  They are hardcovered  with dust jacket.  The quality of the printing is better.  The art is all so fixed up and recolored.  They all so come with a bit of extra material.  It will be out in December 2014.  At the moment (June 26, 2014) is asking $90.29.  Going to put it on my wish list.