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Batman: The Long Halloween

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Batman_The_Long_Halloween.jpgHave just finished re-reading Batman: The Long Halloween.  Did read this back in 2012.   But didn’t take my time with it since I borrowed.  Back then remember really like the story.  Have reading it again it was way better.  One of the best Batman stories I have read so far.  While all the Batman bad guys we all know and love are it there.   It is more grounded in a real world setting.  If you seen the best Batman movie, The Dark Knight, there are lots of elements taken from this story and worked into the movie.   This story is all most twenty years old and it could have came out yesterday.  Some times while older stories can be still good they don’t hold up well.  This not one of them.   I guess that this while to this day you can still buy new copies in stores.  This is well worth the time and money.  The more Batman in your life the better.

Batman: The Long Halloween

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Batman_The_Long_HalloweenHave all ways heard lots of get things about Batman: The Long Halloween.  Have read that is is one of the best Batman stories every written.  The story line was first releases in a 13 issue arc.  Back in 1996/1997.  Know the story takes place early in Batman’s career.  A few days back while at the mall, went into the book store just to see what was there.  Had some money left on a gift card I got years back.  Seen that there was a newer looking cover on The Long Halloween.  So decided to buy it.  Most times I buy trade paperbacks off of because it is so much cheaper.  Doesn’t really matter.  Now I have another Batman story to read.  Not sure when I will get to.  That is because have about four other trades to read first.  The more the better.

Batman: The Long Halloween

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BatmanTheLongHalloween Got my hands on a copy of the trade paper back or graphic novel (what ever you call them) Batman: The Long Halloween.  Have heard from a few people that it was really good and it is good.  It first came out it was a 13 issues run.  That why these TPB are good, you get the whole story in one shoot.

As I said it is good and I will tell you while.  The story use a whole bunch of bad guys mixed in the the Falcone mob stuff. All so see how Two-Face came to be.  But the bet part is you can see that this story has influenced the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  After reading the first part it really stands out what stuff they used from this comic.  Now I am on a bit of a comic book kick.  Think I am going to have to go and buy some.

Batman: Arkham City Graphic Novel Review

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Finished reading Batman: Arkham City graphic novel last night.  Really like it.  The art was great.  The story did an awesome job of filling in the blanks between the two games.  I finished the Arkham City game long before reading this novel.  It was nice to get  more detail on the plot on how the city came to be.  My favourite part was to do with the Riddler.  When I was playing the game was trying to figure out how he got all this set up in the game.  There is a small story arc in the back of the book showing how he did it.  Good stuff.

Love this book.  It helps that I am a big Batman fan and a huge fan of both games.  This is a must read if you are a fan of the games as well.  While it is not very long, it is still worth it.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Batman: Arkham City Graphic Novel

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BatmanArkhamCityNovel Back on November 28, 2011 I was out doing some Christmas shopping.  Was in the local book store looking for a certain book I was going to give for a gift.  After looking then asking the lady behind the counter, it turns out they do not carry it.  Wasn’t too happy.  So when I got home, ordered it off of  To get free shipping I need to spend over a certain amount.  Then remember the graphic novel Batman: Arkham City.  It is the novel the bridges the gap between the two Batman Arkhan games.  So that is what I ordered.

The book shipped out on November 29, 2011.  Then on December 2 they were in the mail box.  I was shocked.  The website site said estimated time of arrival December 6.  That is the fast I have got any thing in the mail other than bills.  So at some point I will have a review up.