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Batman: Curse Of The White Knight

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Batman_Curse_Of_The_White_Knight.jpgIt has been well over a year since I talked about Batman: Curse of The White Knight.  This is a sequel to the very awesome and must read, Batman: White Knight.  It was last September (2020) that the hard cover version was out.  At that time was thinking the paperback version should be out soon after.  Well it wasn’t.  Then kind of forgot about.  Until I got an email form Amazon reminding me about it.  Turns out the trade paperback will be out September 7, 2021.  Will be adding this to my wish list.

Batman: Curse Of The White Knight

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Batman_Curse_Of_The_White_KnightIt was last year some time I picked up a copy of Batman: White Knight.  This is one of the first under the new DC Black Label imprint. These are standalone stories.  This is an awesome read and recommend highly.  Back then all so learned there was a sequel in the works.  Called Batman: Curse of The White Knight.  Have been wait to see when it would be in a trade version.  See is listed in hardcover form to be released on September 15, 2020.  So my guess is some time after that it will be in paperback.  So much want to get my hands on a copy.