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Batman: Assault on Arkham Review

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Batman-Assault-On-Arkham.jpgHave been looking forward to watching Batman: Assault on Arkham.  The main reason is because I love these DC Universe Animated movies.  The other reason is this one takes place in the same world the Arkham videos games do. Played all three of those games and really enjoyed them.  The story is so much different than the other DC animated movies.  The Batman is more of a side character.  The main focus  is on the Suicide Squad.  This is the group of villains who were captured.  Then sent on dangerous missions by secret government agency run by Amanda Waller.

This one is so much different than the other movies.  Think the took more chances with this one.  They all have violence, they are superhero movies after all.  Seems like there was a lot more death in this one.  Another big standout is they worked in some sexual content.  Not saying this is a bad thing.  Think it is great.  Not every superhero movie has to be aimed for the younger set.  The best part of the the whole movie is Harley Quinn.  She is all ways funny but this movie shows off more of her character than another show/movie she has been in.  This is a must watch for fans of the Arkham games or of Batman universes.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times) 

Batman: Assault on Arkham

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Batman-Assault-On-ArkhamYou might know all ready but just in case you don’t.  The next DC Universe Animated movie is called Batman: Assault on Arkham.  This movie is set in the Arkham video game world.  From what I heard is this one is set before the events in before the first Arhkam video game.  The storyline will focus on the Suicide Squad.   They have put out a trailer > here or below back at the end of April.  Then there was no release date then but there is now.  It will be out August 12, 2104.  Have played all the games and liked them all.  So more Batman from this world will be sweet.

Batman: Assault On Arkham

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BatmanAssaultOnArkhamYes, more Batman.  This time because there is a trailer out for the next DC Universe Animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham.  Well it is the next one after Son of Batman.  Which looks really cool.  That one will be out May 6, 2014.  On a side note I am reading the graphic novel that its based on.  About this new, new takes place in the Arkham video game world.  This movie will bridge the gap between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum.  The storyline will focus on the Suicide Squad.  From what I know about this Squad is they are a group of bad guys the government sends into do dangerous missions.  I think it will be pretty awesome.  But I all ways like these DC animated movies.  There is no release date yet.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgYes I know another Batman post.  That is because I finished the story mode and just about all the side missions in Batman: Arkham Origins.  If you liked the first two Arkham games you will like this one as well.  They all pretty much play the same.  Origins dose bring some new gadgets.  Which is nice.  Enjoyed the combat much better in this game than the last one.   Think this is because I got better at the timing.  Of course there are boss battles in this game.  I have a very strong dislike of boss battles.  Was surprised that I had fun with a few of these battles.  One that stands out is the one with Firefly.  One of the new things in the game is the crime scene investigation.  When at a crime scene you look for clues and then backtrack to find out what really happened.  Its hard to explain but it is very well done.  The only main fault with the game is the cut scenes.  They looks great but they skip/stutter and some times the audio drops out.  Not sure why.  This being the third game in the series those kind of bugs should be worked out.

This is another awesome Batman game.  Some people don’t like  it much because it was made by different company.  That doesn’t matter because the game is fun.  It’s not a very long game.  If you just power thought all the story line it wouldn’t last long.  Half the fun is the side missions and upgrading your gear.  Had lots of fun playing this game.  It well worth the money.  Am sure you can find it cheap lots of place.  Which most are asking around $40.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Batman: Arkham Origins

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgNot ready to review Batman: Arkham Origins yet.  How ever put in a good amount a time to talk about it a bit.  First off it is more Batman which is awesome.  A bit of the downside is the world.  It’s basically the same map from Arkham City.  Would have been nice to see some more or different spots.  There are some new gadgets with are cool.  Later in the game you get these shock gloves which are fun to use.  When in a fight and get a good multiplier you can activate them and take down the bad guys even faster.   The only thing I am not liking is when there is a cut scene it hiccup/skip which is annoying.  I know the game is made by a different game maker but they you all the same tech. Beinf the third game to use this tech there shouldn’t be any problems.  Will be back with a fun review when done playing the game.

Batman: Arkham Origins

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BatmanArkhamOriginsHave been the game Batman: Arkham Origins for a little while now but never opened.  Well last night decided it would be time to try it out.  Loved the first two Arkham games so this one should be good as well.  Seen lots of video for this game, which looked awesome.  After it was installed and booted up.  It does look great.  Just like the last game.  Played about 40 minutes and so far it is all most exactly the same as the last game.  The way you interact with the world (so far) is all so exactly the same as well.  This is not a bad thing but it would have been nice to see some new animations.   For example, the way you pull covers off of the air vents is the same right down to they way look and how you move thought them.   The story so far is pretty good.  This game takes before the other games.  Batman is about two years in being “The Batman”.  Think is good, it has him seen some of these bad guys for the first time.  So far am liking the game.  Just have to get back into the swing of the combat.

Batman: Arkham Origins

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgHave picked up a copy of Batman: Arkham Origins.  It was on sale for $40 so I had to get it.  This is one of the games on my  have to get and play list.  Loved the first to Arkham games so I think this one will be awesome as well.  Mind you I haven’t played it yet.  That is because I am still playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.  So now I have three new unopened games on my desk.  One being Arkham Origins next is Sly Cooper Thieves in Time then Dishonored.  Not sure what to play after Black Flag.  It will be hard to decided what to play.  Might have to flip a coin.  Never had this many games just setting there not played.  Most times I get a game play it until I done with it then get a new one.  May be any one reading this can help me out.  Pick one you think I should play and leave it in the comments section.

Black Mask’s Collector’s Bounty Sweepstakes

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgA few months back I talked about the collector’s edition for Batman: Arkham Origins.  Well they are running a contest to win one of these collector’s edition along with other prizes.   Over at the FaceBook page for Batman Arkham > here is were you can find the link to the contest.  What is cool about this for once one of these contests is open to Canadian residents.  Of course I entered.  Think it would be very cool to win.  The contest runs from December 9 to 15, 2013.

The prizes are pretty cool.  Of course the grand prize has the collector’s edition along with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the 3DS, Four Batman: Arkham origins series one action figures and the video game score.

There will be three first place prizes.  Which is Origins, Blackgate and the score.

There will be six second place prizes.  The game and the video game score.


Batman: Arkham Origins – PS3 Knightfall Pack Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Batman: Arkham Origins.   This one is showing off some exclusive DLC for the PlayStation 3.  The DLC has two skins one is the 60’s TV Batman and the second is the Knightfall Batman.   They are both ever cool.  The other part of the DLC is, five challenge maps.  All this is pretty cool.  But sad at the same time the game is not even out and there are all ready hyping DLC.  It would have been nice if this stuff was just on the disc.  Still want to get this game.  Just think I will have to wait a bit.  Because I will still be playing GTA V when this game comes out October 25, 2013.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Nowhere To Run Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Batman: Arkham Origins.  That was shown off at this years Gamescon.  Which is the biggest video game trade show which is open to the public.  This newest trailer is called Nowhere to Run.  You can see it > here or below.  The trailer shows off a new character that is trying to take out Batman to collect the prize money from Black Mask is Firefly.  He does look like of of the cooler bad guys in the game.  We all so get to see some of the Batcave and Alfred .  So looking forward to this game.  Just hope it is good as the last one if not better.