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Batman: Arkham Origins – PS3 Knightfall Pack Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Batman: Arkham Origins.   This one is showing off some exclusive DLC for the PlayStation 3.  The DLC has two skins one is the 60’s TV Batman and the second is the Knightfall Batman.   They are both ever cool.  The other part of the DLC is, five challenge maps.  All this is pretty cool.  But sad at the same time the game is not even out and there are all ready hyping DLC.  It would have been nice if this stuff was just on the disc.  Still want to get this game.  Just think I will have to wait a bit.  Because I will still be playing GTA V when this game comes out October 25, 2013.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Nowhere To Run Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Batman: Arkham Origins.  That was shown off at this years Gamescon.  Which is the biggest video game trade show which is open to the public.  This newest trailer is called Nowhere to Run.  You can see it > here or below.  The trailer shows off a new character that is trying to take out Batman to collect the prize money from Black Mask is Firefly.  He does look like of of the cooler bad guys in the game.  We all so get to see some of the Batcave and Alfred .  So looking forward to this game.  Just hope it is good as the last one if not better.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Multiplayer Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgWe are now into August so all the games that are set to come out between now and the “holidays” we will see all kinds of new info on these games.  Here to talk about Batman: Arkham Origins.  A few days ago they put out a trailer for the multiplayer part of the game.  At first I was thinking this game doesn’t need multiplayer.  But had to check out the trailer > here or below.  When I first started watching it.  Thought it looks like a better version of Gotham City Impostors.   After watching all of the trailer, can say it kind of is but different at the same time.  The interesting thing is 3 vs. 3 vs. 2.  It has two teams of three fight.  Which is the Jokers/gang vs. Bane/gang.  The comes in the twist.  The third team, Batman and Robin.  While the other two teams are squaring off the Bat and Robin are trying to take down the other two teams.  Its looks and sounds cool.  I am sure I will try it when I get this game.  But do not see multiplayer as a selling part.

Batman: Arkham Origins E3 Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgSadly E3 is all over for another year.  With all the talk of next gen consoles and the games coming out for them.  It seems like all the awesome games at are still do come out for current gen are getting a bit over look.  There are some many great games coming  I will not be jumping on to next gen any time soon.  One of the game I will be getting for sure is Batman: Arkham Origins.  Have been reading and watching videos of this game from E3 and it looks like it will be another solid Batman game.  Even with a different team making it looks just as good.  With all the gameplay the first two had that made it awesome and more.  There is some cool new things in the game.  If you check out the E3 trailer > here or below you will see there is a new detective mode.  There is all so a very cool new grapping hook.  It looks like you can shot it at one object than shoot another object then it line retracts bringing the two object together .  Say hook two bad guys together to knock them out.  Out one end on a bad guy and the other to a propane tank.  This game looks so fun.  Pretty sure the will be all kinds of new info, pictures and video long before the game comes out.  Which is October 25, 2013.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgA few days ago posted the teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins.  Then said the full trailer would be out May 20, 2013.  Well today is the 20th.  The trailer is now out > here or below.  The trailer is pretty sweet.  Would love to see a full length movie with the animation they have got here.  Some of the best I have every seen.  They move like they are real.  The snow looks like real snow.  In the trailer you will see Batman fighting Deathstroke.   While that awesome fight is going on you will see Deadshot.  Then at the end you will see (which I think will be the main bad guy in the game), Black Mask.  The trailer is so awesome I am going to watch it again.  If you check it out make sure it is full screen and in HD.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Teaser Trailer

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BatmanArkhamOriginsBack in April Batman: Arkham Origins was announced.  There is now a teaser trailer out > here or below.   At the end of the teaser they say there will be a full trailer out May 20, 2013.  If you have not heard about this game yet.  I’ll tell you.  This is a prequel to the first two Arkham games.  They say the story takes place years before the events in the first two games.  It will have a younger Batman early in his crime fighting career.  Loved the first two games I am pretty sure I will love this one two.  Even if it is being made by a different developer.  The game is being made by Warner Bros. Games Montreal.  The other two were made by Rocksteady.  This is another awesome game coming out in the fall.  The list keeps getting bigger and bigger for all the games I want to buy.