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Twine.jpgWas going though some of my old posts and realised that I have started or planed to start all kinds of projects.  The ones I have started never got finished and the ones I thought about never got started.  So on January 24, 2014 got back to work on a project I started back in February 2013.  Thins one has me using the program called Twine.   This lets you make a text based choose you own path program.  Some thing like those choose you own adventure books.  Mind you it can do a lot more than that.  The plan is to make a simple story with some comic book like drawings worked in.  So far the story is done and set in the program.  Have started the drawings now.  Mind you I can’t draw very well.  They look like the same way I used to draw when I was a kid.  So I guess that will be my “style”, lol.  The goal is to finish this and have it some were on this blog of all to see.  Not sue how that is going to work.  Since I have tired running a few test within WordPress.  Which didn’t work.  So will have to think of something new.


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Twine.jpgBack in January made a post talking about Twine.  This is text/choose your own path program.  If you want to see a finished product on what it can do click the link.   Of course it can do more than that with it.  Well yesterday got around to giving it a try.  But first had to watch the beginner tutorial videos.  You can see them > here.

The plan is to make a simple story with some drawings worked into so I can get some use of my Wacom Bamboo Splash.  Have started the working on it.  It will not be a choose your own adventure.  More of a text story with some comic book strip worked in.  Pretty sure it will be pretty terrible.   But it is not about that.  Want to try this program.  It is very cool and easy to use.   Once I get finished with this project will post it.  In all its terrible glory.

ArtRage 3 Studio

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WacomBambooSplash.jpgHave had my Wacom Bamboo Splash for about a week now.  It came with two programs, programs Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage 3 Studio.   Start off saying I am not artist or pretending to be.  Have spent most of the time using ArtRage.  This is a fun program use.  Has an easy to use interface.  Must like Photoshop it has many features and  cool things it can do.  Just takes time and practices.  Have been looking at some tutorials.  Just trying to find the right ones.  In the mean time I have just playing around.  Found a kid friendly site that shows you how to draw.  They have a how to draw Batman > here.   Gave it a try.  Well like said said I am no artist so it turned out really bad.  How ever it was fun to try with in ArtRage.  It is very easy to fix mistakes.   All so made a new header for this blog.  If you missed it, it is the logo at the top of the page.   Thinking about making a bunch of new ones to switch them up every now and again.

Wacom Bamboo Splash

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WacomBambooSplash.jpgReceived my Wacom Bamboo Splash yesterday (February 2, 2013).  Well it was at the post office the day before but didn’t get there in time.  Very happy with the speed has sent out my order.  It only took four days to get here.  Only got to try Bamboo Splash a little bit last night once I got it installed.  First off it is pretty dam cool.  Will take some getting used to.  What will come with time.  It comes with two software programs Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage 3 Studio.  Tried both but spent the most time trying out ArtRage.   Which seems the better of the two.  Plan today to play with it some more and try some tutorials for ArtRage.   All so going to play around the the setting to see what they all do.  Will be back later with an update on how things are going.




Made my first digital “art”.  I am no artist that is for sure.  But the Bamboo Splash is very fun and easy to use.  So is ArtRage 3.  This is an awesome program.  If I can stick with “may be” I’ll get better at it.

Wacom Bamboo Splash

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WacomBambooSplash.jpgA few blog posts back I was thinking about picking up a Wacom Bamboo Splash.  Thought it was pretty cool.  Well last night while looking more into, I went back to the  They still have it on sale but three dollars cheaper than the last time I looked.  Took this as a sign I should buy it.  So that it what I did.   It should be here next week some time.  It is on for a really good price right now on > here $66.98 (on sale as I am writing this January 29, 2013).  Back on January 23th i was $69.99.  If I were to find it in a store around here it would cost $79.99.   So getting it off Amazon is the better deal.  Got it with taxes and shipped for lest than buying one in store before taxes.  Can’t wait to try this out.  Now I might be able to edit photos better and make some “art”.   Thinking about starting up a new cartoon or revisit old ones I used to do.  Mind you they were pretty terrible.  Since I am not drawing/artist but it was fun.

Wacom Tablets

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WacomBambooSplashHave seen the Wacom tablets for sale and people using then in videos.  All ways thought they were pretty darn cool.  If you are wondering what they are.  The simple way of says is, is computerized paper and pen.  Then used with some software you can do some cool stuff.   They are most often used for drawing or computer game stuff.  For a long time they were aimed at professionals because they were high end expensive.  They still are with the Intuos line.   But now they have a new line called Bamboo which is aimed at the very day person.

Start at $80 going up $200 for the Bamboo line is not bad.   Thinking about getting one.  While I am not artist and pretty much suck at draw.  I do like to do it.   When I was a kid used to make my own comic books.  You can do more than just art with them.  They can all so be use to edit photos.  I am looking at the Bamboo Splash.   Over at Future Shop they have it for > here for $79.99.   Then looked on  and they have it for > here $69.99 (on sale as I am writing this January 23, 2013).  Like I said they are pretty cool.  Do have a gift card for Future Shop.  Not sure what to do.  Will have to think on.  May be look at some more videos and read reviews.