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AWOLNATION – Documentary

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AWOLNATION.jpgAs you many or many not know I like a bunch of songs from AWOLNATION.  While looking at some things on  Discovered there is a mini documentary.  Most talking about how they got to were they are now. Up to the point before the new album, called Run, come out.  Gave it a watch and it was pretty interesting.  If you want to check it out you can see it > here on the RedBull TV site.  All so found someone put it on YouTube.  Not sure how long that will stay up. But > here is the link and its all so below.

AWOLNATION – Kill Your Heroes

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AWOLNATION.jpgWhile this weeks musical throwback Thursday song is not that old.  Going to share it any way because I rediscovered the song a few days back.  It is Kill Your Heroes by  AWOLNATION.  Which is off the 2011 album Megalithic Symphony.  I like a lot of songs on this album.  Like their most popular song, Sail.  All so really like Burn It Down, People and Soul Wars.  You can check out Kill Your Heroes > here or below.  It is a really good song had it stuck in my head for days.

They do have an new album.  Which came out on March 17, 2015 called Run.  The first single is called Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf).  Which you can see/hear > here.  It is good as well.