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Arrow Season Two Review

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Arrow.jpgSeason two of Arrow has ended.  The first season was really good.  Season two was even better.  All the characters had good storylines.  The action scenes were much better as well.  Just wished there was more of them.  What’s great about this season is the second half.  We got to see more of Deathstroke.  Don’t want to spoil any but with a name like that you know he is the bad guy.  He does have the coolest looking costume.  What makes this show good is you never know what’s going to happen next.  They have finely clued in you can’t have a formula in which ever episode is pretty much the same.  Each show is a continuation of the ones before it.  Some time might pass between them but the story is all ways moving with twits and turns.

This season was top notch.  Everything about the season was bigger and better.  The season finale was the best episode of both seasons. Every thing the built to this episode. So much cool stuff happened.  The have ended storylines of the past two seasons and then set up storylines for season three.  If you haven’t seen this show yet you need to start watching.  Now that the season is over we will have to want until next fall for season three.  In which I am sure will be even better.

5 out 5 GT (GT = Good Times )

Arrow Season One Review

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Arrow.jpgAm very impressed with season one of Arrow.  All 23 episodes are very good.  Can only think of one that was just ok.  That was a standalone episode.  All the rest followed the same story arc.  Really like TV shows that move along one big arc.  While asking questions then answering them and leaving you wanting more.  When I first heard about this show thought they would go down the road like the shows of the past.  Each episode have a bad guy do something evil and then it is up to the good guy to save the day.  It was very refreshing to see a “super hero” show that was darker and people die.  The show does have its love story lines and family problems.  How ever it is all ways changing.   The characters do not stay the same thought out the whole season.  The last two episodes of the season were the best.  The main story got some closure.  While leaving some things the be answered in season two.

If you have not seen this show yet, you are missing out.  This is a very fun and interesting show to watch.  After each episode you are left wanting to see more.  That is the mark of a good show.  Now that season one is over will have to sit back and wait for season two to start.  Which is in October 2013.  Season one will be out on DVD/Blu-ray September 9, 2013.  I will be picking up a copy.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)