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Arrow.jpgLast Wednesday (January 16, 2013) Arrow started up again.  For the second half of season one.  The first nine episodes were really good.  So I was looking forward to seen what would have in number ten.  Was a bit let down.  The “bad guy” for this episode has a cool look to him.  The firefighter in all back was nice.  But they didn’t do much with him.  He was very two dimensional character.  The whole episode wasn’t too flat.  But there was a nice twist at the end.  If you didn’t see it yet  I will not spoil it for you.  My last post about Arrow I said there would be elven episodes but after looking at the Wikipedia page it says there are 18.  So there is lots of time for the show to be good again.


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Now that the six episode of Arrow has aired thought I would talk about it again.  After watching the pilot episode I had high hopes for this show and they came true.  By the end of each episode you are left wanting more.  What I really like about this show is how each episode is different but all so cares the storyline though out.  It has you asking questions, answers them and it has you asking more.  Another strong thing going for it is, it is not watered down.   Do believe there are eleven episodes for season one.  So this kind of makes it the half way point.  Hope they keep going down this path and bring it back for second season and more.  This show is in my top ten list of can’t miss.   If you have not check it out yet do so asap.  You will not be disappointed.

Arrow Pilot Review

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Must say I was pretty impressed with the pilot of Arrow.  It went in a direction I didn’t see coming.  First thought it would follow a safe root be cheese and fluffy.  Was happy they didn’t go down that road (yet?).  While it did have some of that drama stuff that these shows are known for but it went down a much darker road.  The show started off a cool looking scene then had a voice over explaining what’s going on.  It went by very fast.  Didn’t like it at first.  Then it got better.  The show was action packed that didn’t hold back with the violence.  But the best part I think is the questions about the mysterious stuff.  Hope the show keeps up being good and finds a groove.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)