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Army Of The Dead Quick Review

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Army_Of_The_Dead.jpgWatched Army Of The Dead on the weekend.  Was very much looking forward to seeing this.  After watching was a bit underwhelmed.  Sure there is a lots of good things about it.  The action was top notch, all the actors did an awesome job and the funny bits were great.  The story has an interesting take on the zombies.  Which was nice.  It was just parts of the story and plot points we all have seen so many times takes away from it.  Over all I did like the movie and it’s well worth checking out.  Just can’t see myself watching it again.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Army Of The Dead Movie Again

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Army_Of_The_Dead.jpgOnce again talking about Army Of The Dead movie.  This is because it is all most May 21, 2021.  Which is the day it will be on Netflix.  Will have to wait next day since I will have more time watch.  All so talking about it because a few days back they put the first 15 minutes on YouTube.  Was all most tempted to watch.  But got thinking it will take away from enjoying the full movie for the first time.  Will be back with a review at some point.

Army of the Dead – Official Trailer

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Army_Of_The_Dead.jpgTaking about Army Of The Dead movie again.   Back in early March (2021) they put out a teaser trailer.  Which made the movie look interesting.  Well now they have put out a real full trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  This one makes it look like a must watch.  Seems like it will be over the top yet grounded at the same time.  We will find out soon.  As it will be on Netflix May 21, 2021.

Army Of The Dead – Official Teaser

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Army_Of_The_DeadIt was back in January (2021) we got a very short clip of the movie, Army Of The Dead.  Well there is now a even bigger teaser out.  Netflix put it on their YouTube channel on February 25th.  Which you can see > here or below.  Looks like it will be a very fun movie to watch.  We just have to wait a few more months. It will be on the service May 21, 2021.

Army Of The Dead

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Army_Of_The_DeadHave hear about this movie Army Of The Dead a long while back.  This is a different twist on a zombie movie.  It has a group of mercenaries trying to pull of a heist in an zombie filled outbreak.  As I am typing this there is no official trailer.  Just a few seconds of it are mixed into the video > here or below.  That video highlights a whole bunch of movies coming to Netflix in 2021.  This movie being one.  When there is a trailer and of released date will be back with an update.