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iPod Touch (4th generation) File Transfer

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iPodTouch8gb.jpgA little while back made about talking about my 4th gen iPod Touch.   How now that I don’t have iTunes there is no way to put new music on there.  I was going to look into seeing if there was a way to do so with out iTunes.  Well took a look into and find out there is away and its free to boot.  There are a bunch of programs but the one that stood out to me to be the easiest is called CopyTrans Manger.  Has I am typing this have gave it a try.  But plan to soon.  So will be back with an update to say if it is any good.

iPod Touch (4th generation)

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iPodTouch8gb.jpgThe only ever Apple product I own is a 4th gen iPod Touch.  Bought it back in December 2010.  It still works great.  Mostly use it for checking the weather in the morning, using it as a stop watch and sometime listen to music.  However there is a bit of a problem with the music part.   When I set it up with iTunes was running a Windows Vista machine.  Which is long gone now.  So I haven’t been able to add/delete stuff off the device.  Am not to sure if there is way to do that with out installing iTunes.  Which I really don’t want to do.  Will have to look into.  

Schosche switchBACK

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Scosche Need to pick up a screen protector and case for my iPod Touch 4th gen.  Didn’t want it get be beat up too much.  Have a small scratch on the back.  Picked up switchBACK by Schosche.  It comes it a screen protector, a back case which you and put one of two of the backs on it.  For some reason the back covers are not going on.  Not sure why but it seems like they are to small.  Not a big deal.  Just want to put the blue back on it.

iPod Touch

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iPodTouch8gb Picked up an iPod Touch yesterday (Dec 10-10).  They had the 8GB version on sale at Wal-Mart.  It was $12 cheaper than any another place.  It is a Christmas gift to myself.  Had a little time to play.  It took me forever to get the new version of iTunes to install.  It was have issues with Vista for some reason.  Have some internet searches and lots of swearing got it to work.

So far put a few apps on it.  Angry Birds Lite, iBooks and this little air hone thing.  From what I have tired it is pretty slick.  The internet and YouTube load up faster than I thought it would.  Still not used to the virtual keyboard.  That will take some practises.  I am sure I will have review once I get more time to use it.