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Let’s Play…..Station Episode 12

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Continue to look at Official US PlayStation Magazine Demo Discs. Has been a long while since I looked one. This is mostly because I had to track down where I had the discs stored. The next one in this series is disc 16 from January 1999. There are five games to try.  You can see the video > here or below.

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X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

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X-Men_Apocalypse.jpgBack in February (2016) during the super bowl there was a teaser trailer out for X-Men: Apocalypse.  Well now there is a full trailer out.  Which you can see > here or below.  Really liked the last two X-Men movies, First Class and Days of Future Past.  This one looks like it could be the best of them.  There are lots of awesome comic book movies coming out this year.  I hope they are all good.  This one is on my list to see right way.  It will be out May 27, 2016.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Posted in Just something to say, Videos with tags , , , , , , on February 13, 2016 by getbent57

X-Men_ApocalypseIt is turning out to be another great year for superhero movies.  During the the super bowl there are all ways TV spots for up coming movies.  The next day on the internet you can see them.  The one that got me the most interested is, X-Men: Apocalypse.   The last two X-Men movies were awesome, First Class and Days of Future Past.   Apocalypse will be out May 27, 2016.  Check the tease trailer > here or below.  You will see how great it looks.  Think it will be the best one yet.

Top Gear Apocalypse

Posted in Just something to say, Videos with tags , , , , , on November 27, 2010 by getbent57

TopGearApocalypse There is a new Top Gear DVD out (well in the UK) called Top Gear Apocalypse.  It looks awesome.  Not sure when it will be out in the North America market.  I hope is does because I would pick it up for sure.  Take a look at the trailer.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Review

Posted in Review's with tags , , , , , , , , , , on September 28, 2010 by getbent57

Just watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.  Went to buy it at Wal-Mart today but I could not find it.  My guess is they didn’t put it out or sold them all.  I can’ see them selling out thou.  Any who I will check tomorrow.  I ended up “renting” it because  I wanted to see this new DC Universe Animated movie.

I really liked this movie.  It is much better than the one, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.  The story was much better.  Its looks great and there are bits of comedy in there as well.  The best part is the big fight scene at the end.  It has to be the best they have made yet.

This is another awesome DC Universe movie.  They make them for the fans and you will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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Apocaypse There is another new DC Universe Animated movie coming out Sept 28, 2010 called Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.  This is a sequel to last years Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Like I have said before about his movie I love them.  Look forward to picking this one up.