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Preacher Season 4 All Most Over

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As I am typing this (September 14, 2019) there are only three episodes left in season four of Preacher.  This is all the last episodes ever.  The show ends after this season.  Have been a fan since the first episode.  Will be sad to see the show done.  But that happens to every show.  At lest they will get to ended the way they want it to.  Am guessing it will be super crazy.  Over all this season as been really good.  Took me a few episodes to get back into how off the wall the show can be.  Looking forward to how it all ends.  If you haven’t see any of the seasons.  You still have time to binge before it’s all over.

Preacher Season 4

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Have some news to share about season for of AMC’s Preacher.  Have been waiting a long time to find out when the new season will start.  Turns out it will be August 4, 2019.   Just like the last season it will have ten episodes.  Season three left off with a big cliff-hanger.  Working forward to seeing what happens next.  Do have some sad news though.  This will be the last season of the show.  Makes senses that the show wouldn’t have many season.  Because the comic book series wasn’t very big.  There isn’t a trailer yet.  Am guess there will be one at this year Comic-Con.

Preacher Season 3

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The third season of AMC’s Preacher started this past Sunday night (June 24, 2018).  Have been looking forward to seeing what happens in this crazy show.  The first two seasons were awesome.  So I know this one will be just as good if not better.  The season picks right up after the events in the second season.  Right way we got to meet some new characters.  Which all have a connection to Jesse’s childhood.  Think we are in a a crazy over the tp season.  Have read that there are only going to be ten episodes this time.  The second season had 13. Doesn’t matter too much because I am sure they well all be great.

Preacher Season 3 Trailer

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It is June (2018) now so season three of AMC’s Preacher will be starting soon.  In fact the day will be June 24.  The first two season were pretty awesome.  Think this one will be even better.  You can tell from the trailer > here or below this season will be even more crazy.  Looks like there will be all kinds of new over the top characters we will get to meet.  Looking forward to see what will happen next.

Preacher Season 3 Start Date

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Have known that AMC’s Preacher is coming back for a third season.  Ever since the second season ended have been waiting to hear any news on when it would start again.  Well last week (April 9, 2018) read that the show will be back June 24, 2018.  Which is a Sunday.  So I am guess the week before that is when the first half of Fear The Walking Dead will end.  There isn’t a trailer out yet.  But soon as there is one.  Will be blogging about this awesome show again.

Preacher Season 2 Official Trailer

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This is another AMC show starting up soon.  On June 25th, 2017 season two of Preacher starts.  All ready blogged about his but there is now an official trailer.  They had a small teaser back in April.  Really liked the first season.  From the trailer looks like this season will be even better..  Not sure if the whole season will be a road trip like it shows in the trailer.  Would be cool it was.  Things I do know this season will be bigger and better.  You can see the trailer for yourself > here or below.

Preacher Season Two Trailer

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Back in the middle of March (2017) made about post talking about.  Season two of Preacher.  Saying it would be back on June 19th.  Well that info was wrong.  Because during the The Walking Dead they aired a trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  The show will be back on TV June 25, 2017.  Watch the trailer three times.  It looks pretty awesome.   While the trailer is pretty short they packed a lot of action and comedy.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Preacher Season Two News

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More good news to share.  Season two of Preacher will start June 19, 2017.  The first season ran for ten episodes.  With season two there will be thirteen. The more the better.  Really liked the first season.  Wasn’t to sure at first.  But it sucked me right in.  So looking forward to see what crazy stuff will happen next.  If you haven’t seen the first season.  Do so you will not be disappointed.

Preacher Season One Review

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Preacher.jpgAll ten episodes of season one of Preacher have aired.  So time for a review.  The first thing I can says is, I want more.  Luckily there is a season two in the works.  When the first episode aired wasn’t to sure what to think.  It was a bit jarring.  However by the end of the second one was hooked on the show.  Not many shows can mix genres together like they do and pull it off.  They did an amazing job at it.  Can see other show copying of them now.

This first season has been all around awesome.  Every episode had you guess what will happen next.  Would make you laugh and have you on the edge of your seat.   There is so many crazy characters you think wouldn’t work in a TV show but it does.  They all have something about them you want to know what they will be doing next.  If you haven’t watched any of this show do so.  Was entertained all they way though.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Preacher Season Two

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Preacher.jpgI got my wish.  Back in the middle of June (2015) made a post talking about the first three episodes of AMC’s TV show Preacher.  I really like this show and was hoping they would have a second season in the works.  Well a few days after the fifth episode aired the people at AMC made it official season two will be back sometime in 2017.  It will all so have more episodes with 13.  Season one will have ten.  You can read the official blog post > here.