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All-Star Superman Review

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Got around to watching All-Star Superman today.  Didn’t know much about the story going in just that Superman was dying.  Have to say off all the DC Universe Animated Movies I have seen this has to be the best story of them all.  Lex was evil but not over the top cartoon-ish like in past movies.  Get too see all kinds of characters that I have not seen before.  There is not a lot of action/fight scenes.  The story is so strong it doesn’t need it.


This is another awesome DC animated movie.   You can’t go wrong checking this one out.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

All-Star Superman

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AllStarSuperman The newest direct to video movie, All-Star Superman, from DC Universe Animated Movies will be out February 22, 2011.   Like past DC Universe movie it is based of the comic of the same name.  It does look really good.  I know I will be picking it up.  Check out the trailer.

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