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Funko Pop Vinyl – Sheriff Raphine

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FunkoPop.jpgHave added one more Funko Pop vinyl to my collection.  Which is A Christmas Story: Sheriff Raphie.  Own two others all ready, Rick Grimes and Leonardo.  Plus a mini a Batman keychain.  A Christmas Story is my all time favourite movie.  Have seen this Pop Vinyl (as well as the other two in this line > here) online for sale a few places places.  They were going for a good price but it was the shipping that made me not buy it.  Because the shipping was the same price or more of just the one vinyl.  There is  a new local story called Atomic Records & Collectibles.  They have all kinds of Pop Vinyl’s as well as a lot of cool stuff.  When I seen Raphie there, picked it up right away.  When I was buying the guy said it had the other two are on ordered.  So I guess I will have to check back and buy them.  He all so said that tjey are bring in the famous leg lamp from the movie as well.  If its a good price.  Just might buy that as well.  Am sure I will be buying a lot more from there over the coming months.


A Christmas Story

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christmas-story.jpgTime again to watch the best movie/Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.  Not sure how many times I have seen this movie but its a lot.  To say this is a classic is a bit of an understatement.  While the movie is charming and funny.   What makes this standout out is that is feels real.  The story takes place in the 40’s but every one can relate at lest to one element.  If you have never seen this movie you need too.  It plays a lot on TV but you can find the DVD or Blu-ray pretty cheap all over the place.  I try to watch this at lest three times before Christmas.

A Christmas Story Ralphie Holiday Ornament

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christmas-story-thumb.jpgPretty sure everyone knows my all time favourite movie is A Christmas Story.  Well today one my co-workers said they have a Ralphie Christmas ornament over at Wal-Mart.  I was surprised because I have never seen any other than on the internet.   So at lunch I had to check them out.  When I seen it i just had to buy it.  While it is kind of cheap looking but it is still cool.  Will be putting it on the tree but the rest of the year it will be sit on my computer desk.

A Christmas Story

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christmas-story.jpgOnce again talking about the best movie ever made, A Christmas Story.  It is a must watch every year for me at lest three times.  It is the official start to the Christmas season.  No matter how may times I have seen this I laugh every time.  There is something every special about this movie.  Has to the most to real life a movie can be.  They feel like they are a real family.  Own this movie on DVD and Blu-ray.  The Blu-ray looks great but I prefer the DVD version.  Pretty sure just about everyone has seen this movie at lest once.  But if you haven’t seen it in a long time it is must buy.

A Christmas Story

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christmas-story.jpgJust finished watching the best movie ever made again, A Christmas Story.  Think I have seen this movie close to forty or more times by now.  It still puts a smile on my face.  What makes it so great is, that it is simple story let very funny.  Has a real sense of family.  They are all most like a real family.  The kids act like real kids.   Pretty sure I will watch this a lest two more times.  Then there are all the other Christmas specials I need to re-watch.   Going to try and watch one every day.  There are so many good ones.  Just have to find the time to see them all.

A Christmas Story 2 Review

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Had to check out A Christmas Story 2.   While it will not be a classic or a must watch every year it is not as terrible as one might think.  Not great but not terrible.  There is some charm and laughs.  But no were close to the original.  One good thing about this movie is the story.   It surprised me a bit.  Thinking it would go down a path seen in many other family movies have beaten to death but it did not.  Of course it will have a feel good ending but it did it in a better way than movies in the genres.  Oh there is another bright spot the kid that plays Randy does a great job.  Has some of the best lines in the movie.

By all means don’t go out and buy this.  May be give it a rent or wait for it to come on tv.  Doesn’t hold a candle to the best movie ever, A Christmas Story.  But it is not completely terrible.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

A Christmas Story 2

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AChristmasStory2Caught a glimpse of a TV add that caught my eye.  It kind of looked like A Christmas Story but newer.  After looking it up.  Turns out they made a sequel to my all time favourite movie.   It is called A Christmas Story 2.  They are billing as the official sequel.  But after watching the trailer > here and below.  I am not sure what to make of it.  First off it looks cheap low budget cash grab.  This is one movie that should not have a remake or a sequel is A Christmas Story.   Will check this out but there is no way it will close to how awesome the first one is.

A Christmas Story Blu-ray Again

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Here I go talking about A Christmas Story again.  This time watched it the commentary on.  Never really watched a whole movie all the way though with the commentary on.  But for this one I have too.  It has Peter Billingsley (Ralphie) and Bob Clark (director).  It is the same commentary from the 20th anniversary disc they put out back in 2003.

Have to say it was interesting to hear how they filmed the scenes.  All so Peter talks about what it was like behind the scenes.  Even though I watch this movie a million time before and just a few days ago it still fun to see.  Not very movies can do this.  Can’t guarantee I will be taking about this movie again.

A Christmas Story Blu-ray

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AChristmasStoryBluRay It is that time a year again to watch my all time favourite movie again, A Christmas Story.   Well this year I watched it on Blu-ray.  At first I wasn’t too sure how well it would look since it is an older movie transferred to Blu-ray.  Have to say it looks very nice.  The scenes filmed outside look the best, nice and clear.  The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is you don’t get to see some of the mistakes from the widescreen DVD version I have.  In that you can see Black Bart jumping on the trampoline to get on to the horse and when Ralphie opens this window Christmas morning you can see on of the crew members in the bottom left hand corner.  Going to watch it again with the commentary track.  Try to watch this movie at lest three times before Christmas.

A Christmas Story

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Its my day off tomorrow so I plan to watch one of my all time favourite movies, A Christmas Story.   I look forward to watching this every year.  Try to watch it at lest three time plus the times is airs on TV.  In my opinion it is one of the best movies of all time.  It is 27 years old and it still holds up.  It is not quite Christmas till you watch this movie at lest once.