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A Christmas Story Live Review

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The past Sunday (December 17, 2017) A Christmas Story Live aired.  Like I said in my past post about this.  Not sure how this will work.  The movie is my all time favourite.  So I hope this doesn’t do the movie a disserves.

Well I watched it.  Going to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It had all the key elements from the movie.  With a song and danced numbers worked in.  There was some newer jokes worked in but they fell flat. It was well put together.  They did do an amazing job pulling a three hour show off live for TV.  With only a very small hiccups.  However over all it was kind of boring.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

A Christmas Story Live

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Don’t forget that A Christmas Story Live special airs tonight, December 17, 2017.  Still not sure how I feel about his yet.  The movie is my all time favourite.  Then again this might be fine.  Will find out.  Plan to watch.  Just not sure yet what time it airs.  Just hope its not too late in my time zone.

[Update] It airs 8pm in my time zone.  While looking a the info the the box it says its three hours long.  My guess there will be may be an hour and half of show.  The rest will be lots of commercials.  As the cast move to different sets and change costumes.

A Christmas Story

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It is all most time to watch my all time favorite movies A Christmas Story.  Have know idea how many times I have seen this.  Just know it the most of any movie.  Say this every year. It still puts a smile on my face.  There is all so the live stage version coming to TV soon, A Christmas Story Live.    Which is set to be on December 17, 2017.   Not sure how good the will be.  But willing to give it a chance.  Have all so that there are some new action figures out this year.  One based off Ralphie and the other The Old Man.  If I see on in person will buy one for sure.

A Christmas Story Live

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A_Christmas_Story_LiveWhile watching Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons this past Sunday (November 5, 2017).  Seen an ad for an upcoming special called, A Christmas Story Live.  A Christmas Story is my all time favourite movie.  Watch it every year about three times.  The live version is based of the Broadway show, A Christmas Story: The Musical.  Have heard about that before.  Not sure how they will work in song and dance numbers in to this story.  As a fan of this awesome movie.  Will have to check this out.  It will air live December 17, 2017.  Not sure about the time zone differences let.  In the mean time you can check out the ad for it > here or below.