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Golf September 9 – 2012

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Played a round of golf today September 9, 2012 at Juniper Hollow Golf.   Have not played since July so it was nice to get and play.  Juniper Hollow is running a new promotion ending when the season does.  Nine hole for $10 or $15 for the full eighteen.  That is a great deal.  The weather turn out all right.  Just a bit overcast.  The weather network said it was going to rain all day.  So we lucked out.  Forgot to take my camera.  Will try to remember for next time.

Golf July 1 – 2012

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Three of us played a nine hole round of golf at Lionel’s Golf Center yesterday (July 1, 2012).  While it was nice out, just super hot out.  Then there were the bugs.  Only a few mosquitoes, which I hate a lot, but then there were the black flies.  Tried to count all the bites I got but ended up loosing count.  Over all still had a good time.  Hope to get some more golfing in this summer/fall.



Golf May 13 – 2012

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Played my first game of golf of the season on May 13, 2012 at Juniper Hollow Golf.  It was a perfect day for a round of golf.  Most times when we go its in the afternoon or evening.  How ever we started early today, 9am.  The grass was still wet.  By the second round everything dried up nicely.   Over all had a great time even thou I got a really bad sunburned face.  Need to go and buy some more golf balls.  Lost a lot and if we keep playing every week/every second week or so I will run out.  Wal-Mart has a good deal on.  A bag of 60 for $20.  Don’t need to buy the fancy ones because I will end up loosing them any away.



Golfing September 4 – 2011

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JuniperHollow Had a nice round of golf yesterday (September 4, 2011).  Three of us went to Juniper Hollow Golf.  It was a prefect day for some golf.  Got there a bit late.  It is a bit later in the season so the sun does down at an earlier time.  By the time be we got to the 7/8 hole it was pretty dark.  Really hard to see.  Still had fun.  Only took a few pictures.




Golfing July 2 – 2011

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Went golfing for the first time this year yesterday.  The first 9 holes three of us played.  The weather was hot with only a few bugs.  Had a great time.  Went and got something to eat.  Picked up a fourth person.  So we decided to go back and do another 9.   The temperature cooled off a bit which caused the bugs to come out in force.   By the last two holes it was really hard to concentrate.  Still had fun thou.  Just wish I took more pictures.



Golf Oct 3, 2010

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AlderdaleGreens It was such a nice day (Oct 3, 2010) fours of use got a great game of golf in.  We went to Alderdale Greens.  I have to say it was one of my best games yet.  I didn’t loose one ball.  That is a first.  On average I loose about six balls.  Had some really great shots, nice and straight.  Evened pared a few holes.  Just wish I took some more pictures.

Golfing July 10, 2010

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Four of us went golfing at Lionel’s Golf Center again on July 10, 2010.  It was very hot and humid.  We decide to play a second 9 by that time the temperature had dropped a lot.  Which was nice but then the bugs came out.  We still had a great time.