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Riddler Lamp

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , on April 21, 2023 by getbent57

Riddler_LampFound another awesome thing I want to 3D print, a Riddler lamp.  It is a box with a question mark sticking out of the top.  In which you can put LED lights.  You can see it > here over at  Think it’s pretty cool.  While I don’t think I would put lights in it.  Still look cool sitting on the shelf.

Deburring Tool

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Deburring_ToolHave seen a bunch of video on YouTube where people are using these Deburring Tools to clean up their 3D prints.  It looks like a bent blade with a handle.  Took a quick look on  Seen there are all kinds of options going for $20.00 and up.  Have all seen some 3D printing kits that these with other tools in the box.  That might be something to look into as well.

120mm Fan Mount

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120mm_Fan_MountHave 3D printed a useful item the other day.  A friend is adding new fans to his PC and asked if I could print of fan mount.  He found this > here over at  Gave it a try and it turned out great.  This is the first time I had printed anything that had 100% infill.  Figured it would take really long. But only three hours.  Could have printed it faster but I like to keep the quality.

Batman With Cape Support Free – Printed

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A few posts backed talking about his > here over at  It’s a Batman model that doesn’t need supports to print.  Well I have printed it.  Came home from work and was off then next day.  So got it going in the afternoon and let it print over night.  The next day when I got up it was still going.  Took a bit under 18 hours.  Am happy with how it turned out.  While it does say support free I did add a brim.  So just need to do some light sanding.  Don’t think I will paint this.  Looks pretty cool in black PLA.

Batman With Cape Support Free

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Batman_With_Cape_Support_FreeKeep finding awesome things I want to 3D print.  This time it’s another Batman.  This > here over at  What makes this one standout it is support free but all so has lots of detail.  Going to download it and see what scale I will print it at.  Would like to have it pretty big.  However if it takes too long, over a day, will change that.

Bob’s Burgers – Cheeseburger

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , on March 14, 2023 by getbent57

Bobs_Burgers_CheeseburgerWas looking for some more Bob’s Burgers 3D files to print.  Then seen this > here over at  It is a cheeseburger.  Think it’s funny and cool at the same time.  Looking at all the parts.  It might be hard to print the cheese and lettuce.  Going to look at it closer.  May be I will add this to the growing to print list.

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VectrMany months back briefly talked about  This is a free website that create vector graphics.  Vectors are pretty cool since the can be scaled to any side.  So they are great to lets say T-shirt designs.  I am think it would all so be great for 3D models.  Something like a simple logo.  Then export it as an .svg flie.  Which can be easily imported into Tinkercad.  Going to give this a try and see what I come up with.