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MatterControl – 3D Printing Software

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MatterControlHas been a long while since I have done anything with my 3D printer or try to design something to print.  Since it’s a new year decided to try to get back into it.  Have messed around a bit with Tinkercad.   It is a great web based program for 3D modeling.   Have discovered a similar but more powerful program called MatterControl.  Have heard of it awhile back but only thought it was only for sliceing models.  Turns out it can do a lot more than that. You can design and edit with it as well.  The best part is it free..  So going to give it a try.  My main goal is to make some RGB lit letters to be used in the background for I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry YouTube channel.

Tinkercad Hands On

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Made a post a few days back talking about Tinkercad.  This website lets you makes 3D objects that later can be used in a 3D printer.  After watching some videos on it.  Sign up for an account.  My goal is to make my own models.  Have a few ideas.  The first one I want to try to turn the YouTube channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, logo into a 3D print.  Once  I get better at the program would like to make a 3D paint can with text imprinted on it.


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TinkercadI know I am making another post talking about, Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  Have now printed a few things and happy how they turned out.  Would like to know how to make my own 3D models.  Took at a look at and there is a great free option called, Tinkercad.  This runs in you web browser and is very powerful.  Once you create an account you can save your files.  There are lot of tutorials on how to use it.  Am work my way threw a series of how to’s.  Which you can check out for yourself > here.  The best part about this site is you can download “.STL” files when you are done.  These can be loaded into you 3D printers slicer program.  Going to give this a try.