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Motorcycle Riding Soon

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The weather is past April (2019) has been pretty bad.  Only had a few really nice days.  Now that it is May hoping to get my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 out and ready for the season.  Has been about seven months since I was last out for a ride.  I miss it.  I would ride all winter if I could.  But freezing to death or crashing on ice doesn’t sound fun.  Have had the motorcycle for 13 years now.  It is showing lots of wear now in spots.  Still works great thou.  Can’t see myself ever getting rid of it.  At some point would like to get a new one.  Just not in the cards at this time.

Cape Breton Bike Rally 2018

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It is one of my favourite times of year, The Cape Breton Bike Rally (2018).  All ways like watching the stunt show.   Took lots of pictures this.  Think around 92 but narrowed to 24 of the best ones.  You can see them below.  Last year they had the show on a dead end street.  When people packed on both sides.  The run was much smaller.  This year the blocked of a street to give them more home.  So it made it look it was a lot less people there.  Plan to go back tomorrow to buy a shirt.  They have a new design this year.









Cape Breton Bike Rally 2018

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A little more than to weeks to go before the 2018 Cape Breton Bike Rally.  This year take place August 3rd to 6th, 2018.  I like going to this event every year.  Mostly to see all the motorcycles. All so like watching the stunt show which is all ways good.  Plan to take pictures again this year.  Managed to get a few good ones last year.

2018 Yamaha XT 250

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2018_Yamaha_XT_250Have not been to the local motorcycle shop since last fall.  While in there took around at all the new motorcycles.  One caught my eye because it is pretty much the the one I own, a 2006 Yamaha XT 225, just a lot newer.  It was the 2018 mode of Yamaha’s XT 250.  The 250 replaced the 225 years ago.  A lot has changed over the years with them and yet some stayed the same.  The 2018 has a very nice colour on it.  It all most looks like sand.  Much different than past modes.  Which are most blue and white.  Very much like the look of it.

Motorcycle Soon

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This weather this April (2018) has been pretty shitty.  It has not warmed up at all.  In past years have had my motorcycle, Yamaha XT225, out by now.  Don’t mind ridding when it is a bit cold in the mornings.  There is still lots of frost.  Which means there is some ice on the roads.   I am hoping the last week of the month to get out for the first ride of the year.  Looking forward to taking it to work again.

Cape Breton Bike Rally 2018

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Winter is still here.  But can dream about nice weather.  So I will be able to get out on my motorcycle again.  Got thinking about the Cape Breton Bike Rally.  Was wondering what dates it will take place this year, 2018.  It will take place August 3rd to 6th, 2018.  Will be at Membertou once again.  Thinking it will be the third time it has taken place there.  It is a much better local than downtown.  A lot more room.

2018 TV Shows

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It is a new year.  So most of the shows I like should be coming back on with their second half of their seasons.  I know that Arrow and The Flash will be back on in the middle of January.  Not sure when Gotham will start up again.  Have read that it will be early 2018.  But it will be a longer wait for The Walking Dead.  That doesn’t start again until February 25, 2018.