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The Crew

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TheCrew.jpgHave a cool video share about the upcoming game The Crew.  This game coming to PS4 and Xbox One caught my attention back at E3.  At last weeks Gamescon, Gamespot uploaded a game play/ interview video.  The video show off the PRG elements of the game.  We all so get to see how the car customization works.  All so how huge the map is.  This is the game I want to buy first when I get a PS4.  The PS4 comes out November 15 but I will be waiting a while before buying.  Because there are some many good games I want to get for my PS3.  All so The Crew will not be out until 2014.  Check out this cool video > here or below.

The Crew

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TheCrewYes I am talking about E3 again.  Back on Monday while watching the press conferences there was one game from Ubisoft that really caught my attention.  It is called The Crew.  This is more than just another racing game. Or an open world racing game.  This is a true open world, it is the whole United States.  It will have cities, suburbs, country areas and mountains.  There are no barriers so that means you can drive off road.  Then there is the customization.  Like a lot of games you can change liveries, rims and what not.  This one take it to a new level.  You can take your car (cars) and customize it for off road, a street race or a track races.  It goes deeper than that.  Then there is the crew part of it.  Four friends can form up a crew.  Work together to do missions/races together.  What is really cool is.  You could be doing  your own thing on one side of the map while friends are on the other side.  You or they can send a messages asking for help on a race.  When you say yes you are transported to that spot on the map.  With every little load times(?).  You can check out the CG trailer > here or for a better look at the game check out this video  > here or below.  It is a gameplay walkthrough.  It looks like so much fun.  When at some point I by PlayStation 4, will be picking up this game.

Next Gen Consoles

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PlayStation4The big E3 press conferences took place yesterday, June 10, 2013.  So we now know what Xbox One will cost and what the PlayStation 4 looks like as well as the price.  The Xbox One will cost $500 on sale in November 2013.  The PlayStation 4 will be $400 on sale this “holiday season”.   So my guess in November some time as well.  Just in time for black Friday in the states.  That $100 differences I think will make a lot of people think twice before for buy an Xbox.  Then there is the the whole DRM thing Xbox has going on.  When you buy a game it is stored on the hard drive.  The XBox one must be connected to the internet for the game to work.  After that the Xbox must connect to the internet every 24 hours to verify that that your games are only on that one systems.  These has a lot of people up in arms.  It makes selling you games harder.  All so lending you games to a friend will be a pain as well.  On the other hand Sony says they will be doing none of that.  They even poked a bit of fun at Microsoft in this little video > here.   One thing that will be different for PlayStation this gen is you will have to have a PlayStation Plus to play online (could be wrong about that).    Over all it very interesting E3 so far and it is only getting started.  Then there are the games.  The ones they showed of at all the press conferences look amazing.  Check out all the gaming websites the week and you will see all kinds of awesome stuff.  Oh, all most forgot has put together a nice video explaining the two big consoles what we know so far.  You can check it out > here.   They do a much better job than I do explaining things.

E3 2013

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E3logo.pngThat right it is all most time for the best time of year for video games,  E3 2013.  All the fun starts Monday June 10, 2013.  Think the real E3 starts on the 11 and goes to the 14.  Monday is when all the big press conferences take place.  So will be finding out more on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.  Sure hope they give all the details about these new consoles.  The when they are coming out, how much and what games at launch.   All so looking forward to see what games are coming out this year and next for the Playstation 3 that haven’t been announced yet.  Would like to see more about GTA 5 but I don’t think that will happen.  Pretty sure I will be buy a PS4 at some point but think I will be waiting a bit long to get one.

Now that G4 TV has changed this year not sure if the press conferences will air live on TV and shows from the E3 floor.  Know Spike TV > here will have live coverage.  I know all ways have lots of info and the press conferences.  Would like to watch them on TV then streaming but if I have to stream them I will.