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PlayStation 5 – Setup

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Yet up my PlayStation 5 after work yesterday day (January 28, 2023).  It is a very simple and easy process.  The day before spent time moving my PS4 games over to an extremal hard drive.  Then backed up my save files to a USB stick.  When I was done setting my the PS5 shut it it down.  Plugged in the hard drive and USB stick.  Then turned it back on.  It picked them up right way and could see my games.  So next transferred over the save files.  That took a bit of time.  After that put the code in for God of War Ragnarok.  The game is about 100GB so when that was downloading in the background.  Loaded up the built in game,  Astro’s Playroom.  The game is designed to show off all the features of the new controller.  Played that for a bit.  After that wanted to try out a PS4 game.  So started DiRT 5 which was on the hard drive.  As soon as I clicked on it the PS5 crashed.  Well shit.  Turned it back on it went some repair screens.  Then is said I didn’t disconnect the hard drive properly.  Tired again and it worked fine.  Plan to give God of War Ragnarok a try today.