Sega Dreamcast Emulation

RedreamWanted to get some Sega Dreamcast emulation on the go with my new mini PC, Minisforum UM580.  It has been many years since I have played my real one.  There are some game I want to re-play and other just to try out.  There are two main options for emulation.  Flycast and Redream.  After looking at them both.  Went with Redream because it is simple to setup and the compatibility is about 95%.   Was sure at first it would work with a PS4 controller.  Did a quick search, didn’t see anything.   When ahead and installed it.  It recognized right way.  The only down side to this emulator is to unlock more save slots and higher resolutions you need to pay for and upgrade.  I am fine with that.   However there is no option to use Pay Pal.  Other than that this emulator works awesome. Oh, it even downloads the art work for you.

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