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Marvel Comics 7 For $15

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Tony_Stark_Iron_ManEvery now again wander around Walmart just to see if anything stands out.  Well I seen a box with has bundle packs of Marvel comics.  The sticker on the front read 7 comics for $15.  There were two bundles.  One which the first comic was an X-Men.  The other had a Iron Man.  Decided to go with the Iron Man one.   When I got home and opened.  The first comic was the Iron Man.  Behind that was another sealed bundle.  Which had a sticker, 3 great Marvel comics. 1 terrific price.  That had a Captain America/Iron Man and two Star Wars.  Then last three were sealed as well.   That one had two Start Wars and an X-Men Legends.   Think this is good idea but I will not buy any more.  Well may be if they had some from DC.