Elegoo Neptune 2

This coming June (2022) have had my Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer for a year.  While I haven’t printed much in the past few weeks.  Still very happy with it.  Talking about is because you can’t buy this model any more.  A little while after it was out they put an upgraded model, Neptune 2S.  This is the same with improvements.  A few days ago seem some 3D printing YouTuber’s have been teasing a new model, Neptune 3.  As of typing this (May 23, 2022) there is no info out yet.  Will be keeping my eye on it.  Want to see what the differences are.

[Update]  They put out info on the Neptune 3.  You can see it  > here.  Looks like they did lot of improvements.  Easy to assemble and has auto bed leveling.  At the time of this typed update (May 28, 2020.  They are asking $267.13 Canadian.  That is a super good deal.

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