GTA Online: The Contract

Well tried to give the new Grand Theft Auto Online update/DLC, The Contract, a go the other day.  That was December 15, 2021, the day it came out.  Was thinking at first the could be played in an invite lobby.   That as because you can buy the building you need to start the new content.  Did that and went though the story set up.  Next up was to log into the computer to start the first mission.  Well for that to work you need to be in a public lobby.  I hate being public lobbies because like every online game.  All people want to do is kill you.  However, went into a the lobby.  But couldn’t start the mission because there were too many CEO’s/VIP in the lobby.  Jumped to another one and the same thing.  Tired four more times with no luck.  Might wait a day or two before trying again.

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