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The Movies That Made Us Season 3

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Have some very good news to share.  Found out the other day there are more episodes of The Movies That Made Us coming soon.  Back in July (2021) they put out season two with four episodes, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future and Pretty Woman.  While I really like this doc series.  Was kind of disappointed with season two.  It seemed like someone just read a Wikipedia page and turned it into a show.

So hoping season thee will be better.  As for the movies they are covering, there are eight in total.  However two of them were part of the The Holiday Movies That Made Us, Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The other six movies are, Aliens, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Coming to America, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Robocop.  All great movie.  Looking forward to seeing them.  The day they are on Netflix is October 12, 2021.