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BrightBurn Quick Review

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Turned on Netflix last night and was to surprised to see BrightBurn was the first ting to pop up.  Forgot all about this movie.  First heard about it and blog on it in December 2018.  What makes this standout is, a what if storyline.  Something like Superman but the child becomes bad.  Knew it would be a lower budget with some cheaper VFX.  But must say it does look really good in spots.  Most of the acting was really good.  The story was interesting at times but it would fall flat in other stops.  You can see where the story is going so there are no real surprises.  The only thing that had be was that it kind of turns into a horror flick.  Which is fine.  Am happy that I got to see it.  Just don’t think it be every one cup of tea. 

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)