Red Dead Online Helpful Map

A few posts back talked about jumping back into Red Dead Online with brother.  I like doing the collector roll.  This has you going all over the map picking up items.  They can be sold as an item.  But they are worth more as a set.  The biggest draw is it gives you lots of XP.  There is a downside.  To find the items most time you need to buy a map.  Which only give you three locations.  Once you get those, you need to buy another map.  However there is a great online map what pretty much shows you every location for every item in the game.  It can do a lot more was well.  It is called the Jena Ropke Collectors Map.  Which you can check out > here.  I have been using it for a week it its has made it so much faster to level up and make a bit of money.

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