Revopoint POP: Precise 3D Scanner

Revopoint_POP_3D_ScannerThere can be some cool things on KickStarter from time to time.  Seen a bunch of people on YouTube talking about the Revopoint POP Precise 3D Scanner.  The channels mostly talk about 3D printer.  They were given preproduction models to try out.  From what they showed it does work pretty good.  Even with some hiccups.  Then the talked about the price.  Say it was pretty affordable if you did back the KickStarter early.   That is all in well in US money.  Took a look at the this ( the link is above) or the KickStarter > here.  Even with the their percentage off it still costs around $500 Canadian.   Do think the device is pretty cool.  But will have wait a bit before thinking about getting one.  May be some time next year there will be a price drop.  Or someone else comes to mark with something like it.

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