Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer

Zack_Snyders_Cut_Justice_LeagueThen the Justice League movie was out in 2017 I didn’t mind it at all.  So course the internet people had their pitchforks out.  Ever since then they have been asking for a Snyder cut.  He left the movie to deal will his family.  So Joss Whedon took over finish the movie.  This cause some changes to it.  Years later they have decided that there will be a Snyder cut.  At the be DC event FanDome on August 22, 2020 they put out a new trailer and some info.  As for the trailer you can see it > here or below.  The big news is the cut will be in four parts.  Making it a four hour movie.  The bad news it will be on the streaming service HBO Max some time in 2021.  However they said it will be in other markets in other ways.  I really do hope it comes to Blu-ray.  Because there is not way I am going to get HBO Max just for one movie.

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