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Gotham Knights Trailer And Gameplay

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Gotham_KnightsFor awhile now there as been talk about a new Batman Arkham game in the works.  Turns out there is and it’s called Gotham Knights.  It is being made by WB Games Montreal.  They are the people behind the Batman: Arkham Origins.  Which was a great.  The main games are made by Rocksteady.  Enjoyed all those games a lot so seeing there will be a new one I can’t wait to try it.  The trailer > here or below it looks like so much fun.  You will get to play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin or Red Hood.  A big take away from the trailer is the game will be single player or co-op.  There is all so gameplay video which you can see > here.  It’s early footage so there are some bugs but it looks great.  At the end they say it will be out in 2021.  However they don’t say which systems.  Over at they say it will be on current, next gen and PC.  Guess I will have to save up some more money.