Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine One Last Update

Finally heard back about the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine I ordered back in March (2020).  They said it will not be shipped since it will no longer be a Canadian supplier.  When I first looked at getting this I did check to see if they are or ship to Canada.  At that time they did.  Then they asked if I wanted a refund.  Well of course I do.  Not going to give you my money for free.  Need to keep a close eye on my Pay Pal to make sure they do.  Still every much would like to get on of these machines.  They only place in Canada is to get one now is  Which is fine but they want too much.  All more $100.00 than I paid the first time.  If they do go on sale at some point it jump at it.

[Update] Since typing this post have received a refund.

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