3dflow_3dfzephyrHas been awhile since last talked about photogrammetry and 3D printing.  Now that the weather has gotten better going to start 3D printing again.  Have all so tried out different photogrammetry program called 3DF Zephyr.   They have a free version to try.  Which I did but there are some limits.  It only lets you use 50 pictures.  The best part of the program is you can import video.  Gave this at try with tutorial and was very impressed with the results.  Got thinking I would like to give the one of the paid versions a try.  Then sticker shocked happed.  For the next level up, it lets you use 500 pictures.  With an asking price of about $240.00 Canadian.  This is a lot of money.  Would be worth it if I was to use the program all the time.  The level up after that is just shy of $4000.00 Canadian.   There is a 14 day trail for the payed version.  Just might give that a go.

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