Terraonion MODE – Dreamcast & Saturn ODE

Terraonion_MODEFor a long time now have been thinking about getting a GDemu for the Sega Dreamcast.  This is a device that replaces the disc drive in the Dreamcast.  In it’s place you put the GDemu.  The device lets you run games off an SD card.  However just found out there is a much better option coming out soon-ish called Terraonion MODE (Multi Optical Disc Emulator).  It works the same way as the GDemu but with a lot better features.  Firstly it can be use in either the Saturn or Dreamcast.  It is all so simple as plug and play.  But the best part is you can attach a SSD or a laptop hard drive.  Can still you a Micro SD card if you want but hard drives can hold so much more.  Really thinking about getting on.  It is in pre-order at them moment (April 2020). With a estimated ship dates of June/July 2020.  You can check it out for yourself with the link above.

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