Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine Ordered

A few weeks back talked about the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.   This device let your clean and curing you resin 3D prints.   I own an Elegoo Mars.  Before it was out you could have pre-ordered and saved a bunch of money if you bought it from their website.  The thing was, it was in US money.  I decided to see it would come to  It did, and at first they had a $80 digital coupon.  Dragged my feet on that and missed out.  So on it cost $360.00 now.  That is a bit too much for me.  So looked back on the Anycubic website and they are asking $189.00 US.  Did some math and it is cheaper to buy it in US money and do the money exchange.  I even found a discount code, so I saved an extra $10.00.  It ended up costing me $260.00 in Canadian with free shipping.   A much better deal.  Not sure when it will get here. Guessing about a week.  Will be back with an update.

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