Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine

Anycubic_Washing_&_Curing_MachineBack in January (2020) found out that Prusa has a washing and curing machine called the CW1.  It as pretty slick machine for being used with resin 3D prints.  The thing is, it costs $700.00 US.  Discovered there is another machine coming out soon called the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.  Anycubic make many different 3D printers and have one that is comparable to the one I have the Elegoo Mars.  Watched a video on how it works.  Which you can see > here.  Must say it works great and think its prefect of me.  But was guessing it would be super pricey.  Turns out it a great price, $189.00 US.  However as of typing this (February 25, 2020) its $159.00 US in a pre-order.  For that price very temped.

[Update]  You can know buy it.  It is even on Even more temped to buy one.

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