Game Of Thrones: A Guide To Westeros And Beyond, The Complete Series

Game_Of_Thrones_A_Guide_To_Westeros_And_Beyond_The_Complete_SeriesThere is a new Game of Thrones book on it way which is about the TV show.  Have two other books that are about the behind the scenes stuff.  The first one covered season one and two.  The second is for season three and four.  The second one was out in 2014.  Since have been waiting for more.  Now that the show is over with this new one called, Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond, The Complete Series, as you can guess from the title will covers all the season.  Not sure if it will all be new martial, hope so.  The book will be out November 5, 2019.  Was going to get it right way until I seen the price. is asking  $70.00.  That is a bit high.  Will wait on it a while to see it it goes down any.

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