My Time At Portia Hands On

Have My Time At Portia a quick try (so far).  Have been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky which has be pulled back big time.  But Portia has been sitting my my desk for a week now.  Opened it up and downloaded the patch, there is all way a patch.  The game starts you off making your character.  Then you are on a boat heading to an island.  There is meet a guy who give you the first bunch of tutorial quests.  Did a few of these before shutting the game off.  What I like so far is the art style.  It is a nice looking game.  The menus look since as well.  However they are a bit un-user friendly in spots. Plan to play some more soon.  Will be back with another hands on update.

[Update] Have put some more time into the game since I first starting writing this post.  Very much like what I have played so far.  There is a lot to do.  Between exploring and crafting alone.  There is a more to it than that of course.  There are a few small bugs as well.  The screen will lock/skip every how and again.  Not a bit deal.  The other problem, some times text will get stuck on the screen.  This are a big deal.  They just standout.

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